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Jan 2020

474 - Bad People by Craig Wallwork

We're back with our first review of 2020, and it's Bad People by long-time friend of the podcast, Craig Wallwork. We reveal what we thought of the book using our brand-new rating system. And if you want to learn more about our new rating system, check out our video on YouTube where we go into detail about what it is and how it works. Hope you enjoy!

Jan 2020

473 - Decade In Review

You read that right. We review an entire decade. From Angry Birds to Vine, from Gangnam Style to Harambe, From fidget spinners to Pokemon Go, from Brexit to Pepe, we cover it all.
Actually no, we only talked about things that happened on the podcast. Reviews and stuff. Because that's what you're here for.
Thank you for almost a decade of support! We appreciate you more than we could ever express!
Dec 2019

472 - Is this the best book of 2019? Trust Exercise by Susan Choi

Through a series of math exercises and arcane rituals, the Booked. fellas discovered that Trust Exercise by Susan Choi is considered by a majority of people who make lists to be the best book of 2019. Well, we wanted to know for ourselves. Is this the best book we read in 2019? Tune in to find out. And stick around, there's certainly some spoiler talk for this baby.

Dec 2019

471 - 2019 Office Holiday Party

Happy holidays from the Booked. team! We're back with a tradition as old as time. Our annual Christmas episode. What do we do in these Christmas episodes? We talk about a Christmas movie - this year it's Home Alone. Then we do some gift exchanges, and other holiday themed talk. It's a lot of fun, so grab some egg nog and check it out. And if you want to see the video version, head to our Facebook page to check it out there. Happy Holidays!

Dec 2019

470 - Richard Chizmar interview

Hot on the heels of our review of the Gwendy books by Richard Chizmar and Stephen King, we were lucky enough to get some time to talk with Richard about writing the Gwendy books, collaborating with a literary legend (and other), running Cemetery Dance for THREE DECADES, and a lot more. We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did!

Dec 2019

469 - Interlude

We're back with an interlude episode. This time, we talk a little about mouth health, Twin Peaks, House of Leaves, and some books we're excited about for the coming year. I know it sounds like we're talking about the hot topics of the 90s and 2000s, but seriously this is some hot-off-the-press conversation.

Nov 2019

468 - Gwendy’s Button Box and Gwendy’s Magic Feather by Richard Chizmar and Stephen King

Don't worry, Robb's back.
Oh yeah, and we're reviewing not one, but TWO books this episode. The Stephen King/Richard Chizmar co-authored book Gwendy's Button Box and Chizmar's solo follow-up Gwendy's Magic Feather. It's great to be back in the saddle again, and we chose a couple great books for Robb to come back to.
Nov 2019

467 - Terror Mannequin by Douglas Hackle with guest reviewer Frank Edler

The most important thing for you to know about this episode is that Robb is not in it at all. Not even for one second.
Um. Yeah that's about it. Livius talks about a book I guess, with that dude from Bizzong.
Nov 2019

466 - The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

We've been waiting for eight years to get our hands on a new book by this author. We read Erin's first novel The Night Circus in the first year of this podcast, and it was probably one of our first favorites. It's certainly a love that has endured over the years.
Did we absolutely love the follow-up effort? YES. So have a listen to what we thought was so great about it, and if you support our Patreon, there's some spoiler talk as well. But I'll warn you, spoiler talk contains spoilers!
Oct 2019

465 - The Escape of Light by Fred Venturini

We finally got to give you our take on the latest by Fred Venturini! You may recall back in the day we talked about his book The Heart Does Not Grow Back, and we've been excited to get something new from him since. Check out our review, and stick around to hear us complain about TV series and movies.

Oct 2019

464 - A Lush and Seething Hell by John Hornor Jacobs

We're back with yet another book review! This time, we're revisiting a name that we haven't mentioned in a minute. John Hornor Jacobs. He has a new book out which is a pair of novellas, both billed as cosmic horror. Is it cosmic? Is it horror? You'll have to listen to find out.

Oct 2019

463 - Mark Z Danielewski interview

We've been going hard on the vague-casting for this one. That's right, in anticipation of his latest book release - The Little Blue Kite, Mark Z Danielewski came on to chat with us for a bit. Lots of talk about Kite and its origins, but also a very deep conversation about creating, narrative, perspective, and some stuff I think only Mark kept up with.
He is a joy to talk to, and endlessly interesting to hear speak on the topic of books (primarily) and anything (really). We hope you enjoy!
Oct 2019

462 - Interlude

That's right. It's our first Interlude since May! Check out what we have to say about horror movies, library late fees, and a whole lot more.

Sep 2019

461 - It Came From Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones with guest Jesse Lawrence

Check it out! It's our second Patreon Pick of 2019 - Jesse Lawrence has served us up some tasty Stephen Graham Jones, the 2010 book It Came From Del Rio. It's an hour plus of discussion of a book that you're likely to never read. So yeah. enjoy!

Interested in choosing a book for us to review? Check out our Patreon tiers

Sep 2019

460 - Recursion by Blake Crouch with guest Misty Bennett

Check it out! It's our first Patreon Pick of 2019 and it's a whopper. Here you have over an hour discussion about the book, and over on our Patreon, there's a 35+ minute spoiler talk!
Huge thanks to Misty Bennett for choosing the book and joining us to review it. Reminder - any Patron on our Patreon who is contributing at the $10/month level is entitled to choose one book per year for us to review on the podcast - and they can choose to join us on the podcast as a guest reviewer! There are 12 Patreon Pick spots total, so don't sleep on it!
Sep 2019

459 - Tales From the Crust with guest David James Keaton

Apologies for the lateness of the episode. Robb thinks he got mono, but not from kissing. Anyway, it took a little extra time to build up the energy to read like thirty pizza horror stories. But here we are, and with our favorite guest, no less! It's a banger of an episode. Be sure to pick up a copy of Tales From the Crust, and don't sleep on picking up David's book The Last Projector while you're at it!

Aug 2019

458 - The Warehouse by Rob Hart

It's been a long time coming! You've heard the interview with Rob, now hear our thoughts on the reading experience. And no surprise here, spoiler talk is coming in hot, so hit up our PATREON for all of our spoiler talks!

Aug 2019

457 - Rob Hart Interview

Check it out! We got Rob Hart on the horn just before he heads across the pond to promote the UK release of The Warehouse! It's a great hour-plus conversation. And check back in a week when we post up our review of the book to coincide with the US release. Excellent stuff!

Aug 2019

456 - Drive Thru Crematorium by Jon Bassoff

Apologies for the slight delay this week! We had a lot of reading and conducting interviews to do, so editing took a back seat. But don't worry, your next episode will be back to the usual schedule, which means you'll be getting it in just a few days. Thanks for your patience. Now enjoy the madness that is our review of the Drive Thru Crematorium.

Aug 2019

455 - Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

This one has been hotly anticipated. The newest from Chuck Wendig, Wanderers! It's not a Miriam Black book. It's a standalone story that is epic and sprawling and very interesting. Check out what we thought, and contribute to our Patreon at $1/Month for about thirty minutes of spoiler talk coming at you super fast!

Jul 2019

454 - Paul Tremblay interview

Check it out! Well over an hour of discussion with Paul Tremblay about his latest book Growing Things and Other Stories, and a whole lot more.

Jul 2019

453 - The Fearing book one Fire and Rain by John FD Taff

It's a bit of a shorty because we were saving room for an interview. Sadly, the interview was postponed, so we decided to run the review on its own. Hopefully schedules will align better soon so we can have John on. Until then, enjoy our discussion of The Fearing book one!

Jul 2019

452 - Growing Things and Other Stories by Paul Tremblay

It's the first short story collection we've reviewed since the summer of 2017. Yah. That means Paul Tremblay is a big deal. Check out our thoughts on a bunch of the stories, and head over to our Patreon and sign up for $1 per month for some spoiler talk too!

Jul 2019

451 - The Grand Dark by Richard Kadrey

Check it out! We finally got around to reviewing a book by legendary Sandman Slim author Richard Kadrey. It's a standalone novel that we both really enjoyed. Don't forget to hit up our Patreon for spoiler about this book!

Jun 2019

450 - End of the Ocean by Matthew McBride

Guys! It's been way too long since we've had a Matthew McBride book to talk about, and so it's awesome that one finally dropped in our laps. We've been following some of the background of the development of this book for over four years, and it's great to see what McBride did with it. Spoiler, it turned out pretty awesome. Check out our Patreon for spoiler talk about this book and tons of others as well!