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Apr 2019

441 - Glimpse by Jonathan Maberry

We have now officially read all five of the Stoker Awards Best Novel category! Check out how we rated the fifth of five, and head over to our Patreon for some spoiler talk.

Apr 2019

440 - Interlude

Here we go with an Interlude. We're in-between books and waiting for confirmation on some interviews we're working on, so we thought we'd expose you to our raw thoughts. What thoughts? Book releases, the Booked. TV series, what we're watching, and a whole lot more.

Apr 2019

439 - Eight Anniversary

That's right, somehow they let us do this for eight years. Here's to at least one more, right?

Mar 2019

438 - The Hunger by Alma Katsu

Here's the fourth of five Bram Stoker nominees for the best novel in 2018. It's a creepy historical fiction horror book about the infamous Donner Party trip across the country in the mid nineteenth century. Check it out, and hear what's new with Josh Malerman that we barely missed hearing about in the previous episode. And stick around for some spoiler talk, posting right after this.

Mar 2019

437 - Inspection by Josh Malerman

Get your fresh Malerman here! Hot off the literal presses, Inspection is the new book from Josh Malerman. Hear what that you've been waiting for. Has it been too long since you heard us fanboy about Malerman? Wait no longer. Also, head over to our Patreon for spoiler talk, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the book first. There's so much good stuff you won't want spoiled.

Mar 2019

436 - St Patrick’s Day

In which the Booked. holiday crew talk about super Irish things like the Boondock Saints. If you missed it, the video live stream is available on Booked.'s Facebook page.

Mar 2019

435 - Seth Harwood interview

Hey y'all! Last episode we dropped a review of Seth Harwood's latest joint The Maltese Jordans. This time around, Seth agreed to come back on and talk sneakers, Jack Palms, Patreon, and lots more. Be sure to head over to Seth's Patreon and subscribe to get tons of excellent content!

Feb 2019

434 - The Maltese Jordans by Seth Harwood

Awwwww he got the velcro!
Hey patrons, check out our review of Seth Harwood's latest Jack Palms book The Maltese Jordans! It's a fun detective story that dives into the world of sneaker collectors and explores the scoops and scandals of basketball in the mid-nineties. 
Feb 2019

433 - The Nice Guys

In which, after almost eight years, we still find something new to do on the podcast. No it's not the first time we've reviewed a novelization, but it is the first episode dedicated to the topic. If that makes sense. Anyway, which one of you cock and balls wants to make twenty bucks?

Feb 2019

432 - Vultures by Chuck Wendig

Check it out! We're reviewing the SIXTH and final book in the Miriam Black series! It's by far the longest series of books that we have chosen to review on the podcast, and probably pushes Wendig up close to our most reviewed author. Stay tuned for spoiler talk coming immediately after this!