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Feb 2021

All The Beautiful Sinners by Stephen Graham Jones

February 2, 2021
After nearly ten years, we finally crack into one of the books that Stephen Graham Jones is best known for - All The Beautiful Sinners. It's the 13th book or story that we've discussed of Stephen's and it's a real tough one to properly discuss, because it's just so huge. But we all loved it - and in some cases revere it - so hopefully at the very least it's an enjoyable talk, even if it doesn't help you understand what happens in this mountain of a story.
We hope that somehow this story piques your interest and you're compelled to check out this book, because it presents a thriller that essentially gets everything right, and still manages to be fresh and entertaining and disturbing all at once.
Stick around after we tell you to keep reading for a quick look at all the things we even forgot to mention. It's pretty entertaining.